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Davey Barnwell is an artist currently based in Portland, Oregon.  Though she works primarily in oil paint, other tools include oil sticks, pens, pencils, words, hammers, computers, and cameras.  Her work is held by Rauner Special Collections Library at Dartmouth College as well as private collections across the United States. 


I want my paintings to be like the most invigorating conversations—the interactions that linger in the hazy clarity of insomnia.  There is a musicality to the chaos between voices or marks, each reacting instinctively to the words that come before. I create layered paintings that similarly unfold over time, pushing forward with one mark and stepping back with another, gouging beneath the surface at one moment and then smoothing over with a swath of color. My paintings, graphic design, and works on paper are all intertwined with my interests in mapping, landscape, and architecture. 

If you're interested in purchasing an existing or commissioned painting or discussing a graphic design project, email the artist.