Mural, Printed on Vinyl 23' x 10'.  Quality Distribution Inc, Tampa, Florida. 2017.

Mural, Printed on Vinyl 18' x 12'.  Environments, Portland, OR, 2017.

Series of Infographics, The Arctic Institute. 2017.

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

The Arctic Institute needed three infographics to convey data and details about available renewable energy sources. I maintained visual consistency with their brand design hierarchy while introducing new ways to present the information.

Logo and Website Design: Cycle Studio Clark. 2016.

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, HTML & CSS.

Cycle and TRX Studio in New Jersey needed a rebranded logo as well as a website re-design. I gathered information from the team on its branding vision and developed a new logo and design hierarchy.  I advised on photography and used CSS to create a mobile-responsive website with an improved path of user interaction.

Illustration, Bakery Door in Brooklyn, NY. 2017.

Save the Date. 2016.

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Client needed a graphic way to explain the various steps involved for guests traveling to her wedding in Roche Harbor, Washington.  I developed a Save the Date that conveyed the essential information while also establishing the visual language for the event’s print material.

Women's March. 2017.

Custom Logo, Patrick Marré Photography. 2015.

T-Shirt Design, 59 National Parks. 2015.

Infographic, Gilmore Guys Show. 2016.

Infographic, Gilmore Guys Show. 2016.

T-Shirt Design, Cool Moon Ice Cream. 2013.

Social Media Graphic, Dartmouth RWIT Public Relations Campaign. 2013.